Sierra Exercise Equipment: The Hook Training System

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Suspension Pushup with the Hook

Bodyweight exercises while suspended are gaining in popularity, and there are more and more systems being released each claiming to be the best value. Many are very expensive, or they use cheaper materials and gimmicky alterations to which is essentially a strap which allows one to hold on to it at some point. Adjusting other systems requires balancing buckles and other hassles when you are just trying to exercise.

The Hook Handles and the Anchor are already the strongest and best value tools to anchor cables and grab onto them, and this allows for a logical adaptation for suspension exercises. Using the Suspension Trainer, a heavy-duty 15 foot long one inch wide webbing with numbered loops along its entire length every 6 inches, you can set up the suspension system, adjust it, and perform whatever exercises you wish with maximum speed and efficiency. The numbered loops together with the Hook handles takes the guess work out of getting set up, enabling you to perform the same exercises at the same locations each and every time.

The Isometrics/Suspension Trainer comes with a fully illustrated Training Manual complete with a guide on setting up routines.

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