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Chest Expander with the Hook

The Hook: World's Best Chest Expander

With just the Hook Handles and Resistance Bands (with bands folded in half), you have the world's best Chest Expander, allowing all Chest Expander exercises to be done with the quickest cable changing system ever. Work your shoulders, arms, and upper back with a highly portable and proven tool for training.

Unlike other modern systems, the Hook:

With accurate and consistent measurements for the cables' resistance, you do not have to guess about the relative resistance. Instead of swapping out a series of different cables, which may have very different dynamics in stretching, the Resistance Bands can be obtained in two resistances, allowing one to have full incremental control over the resistance using cables with the same stretching dynamics.

The Chest Expander was a very common piece of training equipment, with steel springs or rubber cables, for most of the 20th century, but it fell out of favour. Why would such a useful compact strength training tool seemingly disappear? Perhaps it is part of the fitness fad routine, where people are more interested in novelty than results and think anything "new" must be better, or maybe it was because there is no way to cheat using a chest expander. Chest Expander training is hard, and those who use it for training quickly see massive strength and size gains in the shoulders, arms, and back.

With the Hook, you will have a Chest Expander which rivals those used throughout history, and one which simply allows for the fastest cable changing ever.

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