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Cable Training with the Hook

Cable training using latex rubber resistance cables for strength training is a diverse and rapidly expanding training method.

Pushups with Strands for Added ResistanceCurls with the Hook

Cables can be used alone to provide resistance to bodyweight exercises, turning what quickly would become an endurance exercise for most people into a very potent strength and muscle building exercise.

Using the Hook Handles with the Resistance Bands provides a very convenient replacement for many exericses one could do with a range of dumbbells, at a miniscule fraction of the cost and space, while providing perhaps even greater resistance than even the most comprehensive dumbbell set!

The additional Hook components allow one to attach the resistance to nearly anything including door frames, tree branches, pullup bars, and other suitable structures which can support the resistance, and even perform squats with cable resistance!

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The Hook Training System Components

Table of Contents

The Hook contains several components and accessories which allow it to be used for a wide variety of purposes.

The world's most versatile and fastest loading cable exercise system! Adding or reducing resistance is as easy as simply dropping bands in or lifting them out. No annoying clips or latches to have to deal with. It's like having a pair of the fastest loading dumbbells you'll ever wrap your hands around! No need to worry about balance. There is an equal amount of resistance in both hands at all times. And Unlimited Resistance! You can load these bad boys up 'til the cows come home! *Up to 400 lbs per Hook, more than what a person could realistically use.

Take The Hook with you when you travel! No need to worry about finding a gym. The entire Hook gym will easily fit into a suitcase or travel bag!

Parts sold separately for maximum flexibility and convenience. Order what you want to use and get more parts as desired!

The Hook Training System comes with a fully illustrated Training Manual complete with a guide on setting up routines.

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Hook Handles

  • Strong and secure. Single handle tested up to 400 lbs.
  • Thick, densely packed foam rubber grips provide the ultimate in hand comfort.
  • Heavy 1 1/2" webbing stitched with heavy canvas thread.
  • Hardened-steel hooks encased in three-quarter inch vinyl protects resistance bands from wear.
Hook handles, latest design

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Resistance Bands

  • 15 lb. (black) and 5 lb. (yellow) bands enable you to provide resistance in 5 lb. increments.
  • Latex surgical tubing has the unique property of being stretched and then snapping back to its original shape while having lost virtually none of its elasticity. Whatever elasticity that might be lost is infintisimal.
  • I'm still using the original bands I made 8 years ago!
  • The type of resistance these bands provide is progressive in nature. The further the bands are stretched, the greater the resistance, which will provide a burn to your muscles not experienced with weights. This is the same type of resistance that is used in Nautilus machines.
  • Available in two sizes. Regular sized bands can be folded, to shorten them and double the resistance.
Hook Resistance Bands: Available in two resistances and two sizes

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  • Enables you to perform exercises from any multitude of angles.
  • Hardened-steel hook permanently secured in hardened casting resin and encased with vinyl.
  • Webbing encased hook unit protects your door.
  • Tested up to 400 lbs.
  • This is the Cadillac of anchors! Compatible with other exercise systems, i.e., Exer-genie, Lifeline, etc.
Hook Anchor

The Hook Anchor can be safely secured:

At the top of a door Along the side of a door Underneath a door Hung from a support Looped around a pipe

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Anchor Strap

  • Enables the Anchor to be attached to almost anywhere using tree limbs, playgrounds, rafters, pipes, etc.
  • Easy to set up and remove.
Hook Anchor Strap: Resistance Cables and Suspension Training Anywhere
  • In use with Anchor and Resistance bands (sold separately):

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