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A Word from Bruce Tackett, Founder and President of Sierra Exercise Equipment, LLC:

Bruce Tackett with Hook Handles

I first became intrigued with the notion of a quick-change system of loading and unloading resistance when, as a teenager, I got my first set of weights which consisted of clunky, cast iron collars with square-head bolts, and with which you could have had lunch by the time you finished changing barbell plates. My feeling was that the less time you spend changing resistance, the more time and energy you can devote to a workout. Over the years I had often thought that some sort of apparatus that enabled the instantaneous changing of resistance, and which could also provide a wide array of exercises, would be a wonderful thing to have.

In the spring of 2004 I came across an insane amount of surgical tubing on Ebay being sold for next to nothing, so I purchased it thinking that I would use it to try to come up with some sort of an efficient chest expander. Through a lot of experimentation, I eventually came up with the perfect apparatus that exceeded my wildest expectations - The Hook! Imagine! Instead of having to remove and replace collars, or fiddle with clips or latches, you could simply scoop up as much or as little resistance as you want! The hook handles coupled with a hook door attachment fulfilled my desire to create a system that not only enabled the instantaneous changing of resistance and serve as a chest expander, but also a system that would duplicate virtually every exercise provided by machines found in expensive gyms.

Today, I derive a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that thousands of Hook owners from around the world are happily working out with the most effective, efficient, and portable system of exercise available!