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The Hook Resistance Band Training System

The Hook is the most advanced, versatile, and cost effective resistance band based strength training and bodybuilding tool available for three primary reasons:

  1. Speed - Quickly change resistance without wasting time or effort manipulating equipment.
  2. Progressive Resistance - The Resistance Bands provide progressive resistance with each and every rep of each and every exercise, challenging muscles to the max!
  3. Versatility - The Hook isn't merely a pair of handles connected by resistance bands as are other such exercisers, The Hook is unique - essentially a pair of dumbbells enabling Unlimited Resistance and providing a vast array of exercises not possible with other systems.
The Hook in use

Sierra Exercise Equipment is of the highest quality and is guaranteed to last a lifetime!

With the Hook Handles and Resistance Bands, one has the best Chest Expander ever. Train for incredibly strong and potentially massive shoulders, back, and arms in the most portable and lightweight system possible! Add resistance to pushups with the Resistance Bands alone to strengthen the chest, shoulders, and arms without endangering your shoulder health! No need for a bench and weights!

Add an Anchor, and you have a complete home gym, replacing a variety of dumbbells, machines, and costly equipment. For bodybuilding and strength training at home (or even, at the gym), nothing can compete. And with the Anchor Strap, you can use the Anchor almost anywhere!

The Hook and accessories are made in the USA, by myself, and shipped globally.

With Just These Few Simple Components You Have an Entire Gym!

Exercises Performed on Expensive Machines Can Be Easily Duplicated on The Hook!

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